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What is GreeenTech?

GreeenTech is a game-changing solution for fresh, sustainable produce in the city. As a leading Czech developer and manufacturer of Hydroponic urban farms, we empower you to grow and harvest fresh produce 365/7/24, anywhere in the city. With our cutting-edge technology and services, we’re revolutionizing urban agriculture and transforming cities into self-sufficient food hubs. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable and food-secure future. Experience the benefits of Hydroponic urban farming today with GreeenTech.

Customer Segments


Retail chains

An in-store vertical farm? Yes, that's right! With our technologies, you can grow fresh, locally-grown crops directly in your store. Prepare to wow your customers with highly nutritious produce, while saving enormous amounts of water and achieving a zero-carbon footprint. With our solutions, global retail chains or local shops can sell products with added value, long shelf-life, and without any pesticides.

International companies / Office houses

Job applicant: Do you provide any benefits?

HR manager: We offer a range of perks, including home office, snacks and coffee in the kitchen, and sick days.

Narrator: Hmm, those benefits are so old and boring. What if you could harvest fresh crops right in your own office and choose what to grow next? It's the ultimate cool benefit!

With this benefit, all employees will be excited to come back to the office and start a new, healthy routine with fresh, sustainable produce.

HORECA – Restaurants & Hotels

At GreeenTech, we offer vertical farms that provide a unique visual experience while delivering great-tasting, locally-grown produce. Our technology supports chefs, ensuring they know exactly what's been planted and when it's ready to harvest. Join us in revolutionizing the hospitality industry with sustainable produce.

Agriculture sector & Small local farmers

You don't need to be a growing expert or a manufacturing engineer to start your own farm. Our team is here to help you with all the important steps, including cultivation planning, site preparation, commissioning, and installation.

With our guidance and support, you can start seeing profits within just 6 months from your first harvest. Let us help you turn your farming dreams into a reality.


At GreeenTech, we are committed to creating a positive impact in our communities by providing access to fresh, locally-grown produce. Our innovative vertical farms can democratize access to fresh food in various segments, including hospitals, schools, non-profit organizations, municipal stations, and more.

We believe that our community is our driving force, and we invite you to join our movement to satisfy the needs of everyone in your community.

We are sure that with our farms you quickly become real King of Crop 👸🏾 🤴

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12,19 m (long) x 2,44 m (wide) x  2,99 m (high)

Growing area: 64 m2

Crop capacity: 4.000 (pcs/month)









12,19 m (long) x 2,44 m (wide) x  2,99 m (high)

Growing area: 64 m2

Crop capacity: 4.000 (pcs/month)

1 – Ventilation system

2 – Control system

3 – Preparation room

4 – Germination zone

5 – Grow zone

6 – Irrigation system

7 – Dosing device

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